Jet City Attenuator - Jettenuator

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Price in the UK is currently £118

Pros - The fact that it doesn't need it's own power supply like some other attenuators and the size makes it easy to be part of a gigging rig without taking up much room and also being able to dial in the sweet spot of the amp and then attenuating the volume using the Jettenuator.

The biggest plus for me was the feature that enables you to mismatch a speaker cab and amp head safely as sometimes when playing live you may be using the in house guitar cab and you won't know the speaker ohm until you arrive at the venue but with this little box that is no longer a problem if your amp does not have multiple speaker outputs on it.

Other features are a direct line out and a mic'd up speaker simulation output for use when recording or to send a signal to the PA desk.

Cons - I have had this attenuator for over a year now and used it a lot, the only con i have found so far is that when attenuating a lot of volume as in taking a very loud tube amp down to bedroom levels it does loose a bit of the high end but in saying that i found that a treble loss can easily be dialled back in using the tone controls.

I have owned a few attenuators over the years as i find them a useful tool when playing live, i like to set my tube amp to the point where power tube distortion is just starting and then run a boost or distortion pedal infront of the amp to push it harder. The only problem is that the amp is normally very loud by this point and often too loud for most venues or drummers. But with the attenuator in the rig this isn't a problem as i can set my amp volumes and controls to the point where i think my amp sounds the best and bring the volume down using the attenuator but keeping my amp driven fairly hard.

I've been using the Jettenuator for over a year now at both regular band practices and at gigs with no problems at all, i have also used it on several different amps and it has worked perfectly on all of them.

I like the size of the unit, it fits into my gig bag easily and doesnt take up much room on stage, it's simple to use and does what i want it too.

Overall i can't really find fault in this product for the price and how well it does it's job, time will tell how long it will last but so far it's had a lot of use over the past year and no faults have come to light so far.

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Thanks for the interesting review fuzzb0x.

You just put another piece of my everything guitar knowledge jigsaw puzzle in place.

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