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I am getting back into guitar and need to replace my old Line6 SpiderII amp.

I have a 2004 fender strat and I am leaning toward a solid state amp over tube amp mostly for the versatality of playing with all of the sounds and a little for cost.

At first, I was thinking of getting the Fender Mustang II. The Line6 I bought in '04 had ok sound (not great in my opinion), but it also had some reliability issues where it wouldn't always turn on. Plus, the FUSE software and community with it seemed really cool for downloading specific tones.

Today, I see the review in Guitar Tricks Insider for the Spider V120 and it seems like Line6 has also improved significantly over the years. I'm curious if anyone has any comments about how I might consider between the two lines or if there is another manufacturer I should consider.

I'm mostly a hobbyist, but also want an amp that can be miked for playing outside of home.