Returning to guitar

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I self-taught myself guitar back in college. Played mostly as a hobbyist. I have a Fender acoustic and a Strat (with a non-working Spider II Line 6 amp).

Stopped playing six years ago after having kids, but now getting back into it. Started at Fundamentals 2 and skipping past most of the chord stuff. I'm definitely weaker on scales and lead-type playing.

I'm hoping to finish Fundamentals 2 soon and plan to go through the Rock series. I'm also interested in learning Jazz.

I look forward to learning and interacting ^^

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Welcome Peter,

It looks like you're getting back into it well.

Shame about the amp. I just got the Spider 6 Classic and I am quite impressed with it. The price was good too. Good value for money.

I too would like to learn some jazz stuff but I guess I will have to wait awhile until I can get to playing barre chords.

Anyway, I wish you well and hope to hear about your progress now and then.


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