Anyone heard of Dance Gavin Dance?

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They're my favorite band. While not everyone's cup of tea, they are musically amazing. Just listen to the lead guitarist, Will Swan, probably one of the better guitarists that I know of. You could give them a listen or just listen to some covers so you can only hear the guitar. If anyone on here could learn how to play some of their stuff and post it, or if you have heard of them, please let me know.

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Hey there!

I just watched their Betrayed By The Game music video for the first time. Anyone that rocks a Gibson V is A-OK with me.Their singer is really talented as well. Thanks for the recommendation!

- Monique

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YEAH! I LOVE that band. I've seen them live several times, I also went to see Will Swan's other project, Sianvar, when they came to town. He's awesome! I'm so exctied for their tour with Chon. Inspire the liars and young robot are probably my favorite tracks off of the new record.... Their guitar parts rock!

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