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Just want to say how much fun you tutorial on Takin Care of Business is.

The drum and vocal interlude with you singin along is just wonderful.

Would love to see all the instructors with their "FUN Hats "on.

Am sure music isn't all as serious as it appears.

Cheers and keep up the fun attitude and of course the solid musical lessons.

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Tom Finch
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Hi Garry, thanks for the message!

Yes, music is indeed fun for me and I am glad that you are enjoying the lessons and vibe!

My pleasure!

Cheers, Tom ZZSmilieZZ
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It could just be me, but I don't see how Takin' Care Of Business is listed as just a level two on the difficulty scale. I have been trying to get this song down for 2 years! There's a lot going on at a fast tempo.

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Originally Posted by: bsterling9I don't see how Takin' Care Of Business is listed as just a level two on the difficulty scale.

Know that the instructors don't set the difficulty rating TMK.

The ratings perceived inconsistency has been raised and discussed previously in the forum. I suspect it's a function of ratings having been assigned over time individually as a work is completed rather than by the single perception of one person as a batch job.

Not cast in stone, take them a grain of salt as 'roughly indicative'.

So it's not just you.

I just went and looked at the song parts played in toto here. [u]Thanks for the heads up bsterling9[/u]. I remember this playing the radio in its heyday. Another good one to add to my songbook.

Here's my take. Not a particularly fast tempo at 127BPM, or at least I don't think so, but I'm used to a lot of The Beatles early material. 125ish +/- 10BPM is pretty standard CCRish pace. Easy enough.

If it helps, from a perspective (early intermediate player datum) almost (late Feb) 3 years in with GT, I'd rate the song a [u]solid 3[/u]½ guitars maybe a 4 guitar difficulty [u]for the lead part alone[/u] based upon its bends, licks, vibrato and how much is going on overall. The [u]rhythm part is an easy 2[/u]. I suspect whoever rated it may have just looked at the first 30 seconds of the vid and applied a 2 rating.

Tom giving us a fab song tute job again. More from Tom please.

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