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It’s a new month and I have a lingering problem. I can pretty much handle any GT lesson I put my mind to given enough practice time. But what I can’t get a handle on is making a meaningful guitar face while I play…the best I can do is a smile. The closest I ever came to a real grimace was when I was playing and had a really bad case of gas (my eyes watered and the audience thought I was really into the Brandi Carlile song I was doing).

Can we get some tutorials on how to make a guitar face? I don’t much care which instructor but I suppose that it should be one that can really show pain while playing. Or ecstasy. On the other hand, there are so many different types of grimaces maybe most/all the instructors could each do a lesson on a particular guitar face for one big, joint tutorial. There’s the pout, the pucker, the cat fish, heavy squint, full-face wince, Metallic snarl (a.k.a. Metallic orgasm). On a more advanced level there is the Face of God, the Deep Focus Face and the Don’t Bother Me Face to name three. When one considers the advanced technique of mixing and blending different guitar faces the potential for a huge tutorial seems huge itself!

I know that some who are deeply involved with GT don’t do lessons themselves, e.g., Jon, Ben and the other Admins, but they must have some way-bad faces they too could contribute. Imagine what they must muster when they have to answer yet another post about losing the Hendrix songs!

Let’s get a Grimace tutorial. My playing isn’t complete without a good face. No guitarist’s is!!
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Just pick up a hammer and smash a fingernail or two before you pick up your guitar.. Garantee you'll make some good faces for a week or two.. Well you at it make sure you do both hands. Do your picking hand thumbnail. A couple cactus thorns work good..
Before a performance wipe your brow with a damp salty rag so when the sweat runs in your eyes you'll enhance your already excruciating pain.
A tack in a shoe.
Bengay in your skivvies..
Break out a tooth filling and stuff you cheek with sugar.
And have your women or man in the front row getting it on with worst enemy..
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