Music Killers

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This is an interesting take on the act of smashing guitars. This is the first time I've run into someone that shares my opinion and distain for the waste. Garth Brooks' actions mentioned in the article are what sealed my walk away from country music from which I didn't return until a year or two ago (not to 'modern' country...but I digress :rolleyes: ).

I know, I know...why didn't I walk away from rock, too? Weren't music killers birthed by rock? Yeah, probably so. ( I didn't know that was Stephen Bishop in Animal House...there I go again ;) ). Maybe I sense more music, more potential, more 'life' in a fine acoustic than a solid body electric. I can't defend the me conflicted. But I empathize with the author.

And then there's that emotionally troubled music killer of World's Dumbest and YouTube fame...
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they can be played without an amp, right?
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