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This ran in my local newspaper today:

Dear Abby: My husband took up the guitar about 10 years ago. I thought it was a great idea at first and encouraged his interest. Within two years of his learning to play, I was expected to sit, listen to him and never interrupt a song.

Needless to say, his demands have not gone over well with me. This is his hobby, not mine. He plays well, but can't sing a note. When he does, he sounds like a cat in heat, and he likes to perform like he's playing for a crowd.

My peace and quiet at home are gone. He says I don't support him. What is your take on this?

– Wants Peace and Quiet


Dear Wants: Your husband wants praise and validation, and you should give it to him in the area where it's deserved -- for having mastered the guitar. However, because his singing needs tweaking, be honest and tactfully suggest he find a vocal coach to help him in that area. If he reacts defensively, be sure to mention that some of the finest singers in the world get coaching throughout their careers to avoid damaging their vocal cords.

P.S. Perhaps you should encourage him to find other musicians to start a group. That way, he'll have an outlet for his talent and you'll be free (at last!).


My Lady has never complained about missing out on her peace and quiet. But then, I've never told her to 'sit, listen...and never interrupt...' - I wouldn't dare. :eek: Maybe singing lessons would make a good present...for both of them. ;)
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It does not concern my singing (as a recently reformed smoker of 30 years I don't even attempt it ) . My significant half of five years standing says " you seem to be struggling a bit with that and you probably learnt it years ago ". Which makes me practice more until I have it perfected , but leaves her in peace
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