Like That Old Music? It's All in Your Head

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It's easy to see music preferences amongst the members here...many of us are more than willing to give their opinion about the present state of music and the glory of past decades. A great example is the long and long-running thread; "The Seventies: Rock's Classic Age, . I really like that's a superb blog about the decade's music and the replies are keenly least to me even though I admit to being more of a child of the 60's than the 70's. :o
Another example are the biases which freely and unabashedly show up in the Song Request sub-forum. Some of us are into the same overall genres but different periods, e.g., classic country vs. modern country.

Just in case the decade of music that you truly love isn't one like the 70's, i.e, one that garners praise for its 'quality' of music and performers, here's a discussion of why you like it anyway; "Neural Nostalgia: why do we love the music we heard as teenagers?" This is a fun read and I no longer feel quite as silly about my affection for some of that Oldies stuff. :D
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