JJ Cale and my continued disappointment with the music "industry"

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Lately, since just before joining this site, I have found that new(to me) music that I listen to is guided by music that I already listen to.

For instance:
-The lyric, "Ragweed rocking on the radio" by Dierks Bentley caused me to find Cross Canadian Ragweed (which I had never heard on FM and have now split up).
-CCR covered a song by Ray Wylie Hubbard named "Wanna Rock and Roll". Because of this I checked out RWH. He is not for everybody but I find him very entertaining.
-Hubbard's song, "Live and Die Rock and Roll" has the line "No, it ain't November rain, it JJ Cale's Cocaine". I never considered that this may actually be the song that Clapton made famous until I read a story about a "Clapton and friends" tribute to JJ who died last year.

After watching a youtube video about this tribute and reading a few reviews, I bought it last night and it was coming through my headset through most of my work day today. I will probably be buying more JJ stuff over the next few weeks.

Now to the disappointment in the industry. How can someone who influenced so many guitarists go mostly un-noticed? I don't consider myself an encyclopedia of music but I am not just a casual listener either. If he is good enough for Clapton, Knopfler(sp?), Mayer, Tom Petty and Willie Nelson( and likely MANY more) then he should be good enough for FM.

Make me wonder how much other good stuff I am missing while being stuck the same 20 songs that seem to be played in a loop. I am glad my cars audio system has a USB port!

Anyway, here to hoping that JJ Cale continues to influence more musicians.
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JJ Cale....................amazing musician, great guitarist, turn in up just a bit.
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The "industry" is full of blither-heads that just need a job. There's no rhyme or reason for unsung heroes. And there's also no rhyme or reason for some of the hellish **** that I can't believe people actually pay money to envelope themselves in. I hear some awful stuff being played proudly on 10 with windows open in cars that constitutes the driver is trying to show how cool he is which to me more than constitutes creating a public nuisance. There's apparently no accounting for taste.
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Great post. One of my musical highlights is seeing JJ and Eric together at the 1st Crossroads Festival. He was a treasure. Back in the day FM stations would play his version of "Cocaine", "Same Old Blues", "Crazy Mama" and a few others. He's just one of the many who never get airtime on these corporate owned radio stations anymore. I actually never listen to radio anymore because they only play Boston, Fleetwood Mac, etc.
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I was a FM rock jock from the very early 70's when we played album sides and what we liked. I was in Gainesville FL during the day and we played a lot of JJ Cale. Petty was a local bar band also.
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I had the pleasure to see them together at the Guitar Fest in Dallas in '06. Cale got up by himself with a guitar, some guy playing bass and a drummer I never heard of. After about 4 songs, out from the back comes Clapton with guitar strapped on him and ready to play. The crowd went crazy and I think it gave a much better appreciation for a lot people to JJ Cale.
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