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06/06/2014 11:44 pm
Originally Posted by: maggior- Try out all songs suggested by any band member. You never know what will work until you try matter how outrageous it may seem. Be open minded. If the song is boring or uninspiring to you, figure out how to make your part more interesting to you. If there are parts that are too hard at the moment, wing them or leave then out intially. You can always go back to them if the song seems to work for the band.

This is golden, nothing less. In my own band I'm trying to get together, I've established this as being the most important rule when finding songs to do covers of. As a bare minimum, they should be able to provide a recording of any song they suggest, so the band can actually hear it and decide whether or not to learn it afterwards. At least you've passed the first big hurdle, which I'm still struggling with, even after more than a month, and that is to actually find a time and place for the whole band to jam together. I still can't seem to find a time where both the other guitarist and the Bassist are available.

Good luck on your second season :) keep us posted!
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