Lynryd Skynryd in Australia

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I flew down to Melbourne on Tuesday to attend the Lynryd Skynryd concert.
I've seen a few 'world class' artists & bands over the journey but Skynryd raised the bar higher than I've seen before. Skynryd are very obviously a product of almost 40 years in the pro music industry.

While Gary Rossington is the only member still playing from the 'famous' Skynryd lineup of the mid 70's, albeit Ricky Medlocke was in Skynryd before the fame arrived. The current Lynryd Skynryd lineup did honour to the memories of Skynryd members no longer with us.

From the moment they hit the stage with 'Working for MCA' until the crescendo of 'Free Bird', Skynryd played with a tightness and quality of playing that I have never seen or heard live. Great set list, played most of the old classics plus a couple of the new songs from the latest Skynryd album 'Last of a Dyin Breed'

Johnny Van Zant (& the rest of the band) worked the crowd as only a seasoned pro would know how to do. In the words of Johnny Van Zant on Tuesday night "Skynryd fans are hard core"

Lynryd Skynryd are, IMO, the best rock band in the world by a mile. I could rave on all day about the quality of Skynryd's playing and level of entertainment.

Regardless of whether you're a Skynryd fan or not, I'd suggest get along to a Skynryd concert, especially if you're a Guitar person &/or you play in a band. Great on the job lesson for anyone aspiring to play live in a band to see how the pro's do it. The 3 guitar attack of Skynryd brings something to the stage that is a must see for any Guitar person.

I hope its not another 35 years until Skynryd visit Australia again. Strangely Skynryd are playing 3 gigs in New Zealand and only 2 in Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) I wonder does anyone in Alabama know that there is 25 million people in Aus & only 4 million in NZ?

My life is now complete, I've seen the guitar solo to Free Bird played live. Long Live Lynryd Skynryd
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