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If you had to put these guitarists in order, 1 through 3, 1 being the best, 3rd being the 3rd best, what order would you choose? -

John Petrucci, Buckethead, Michael Romeo
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Henrik Linde
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Very dangerous territory to go into as it is very hard to judge such a thing haha.
But my personal preference I guess would be
1. Bucket head
2. Petrucci
3. Romeo

But perhaps I'm basing that more on creativity than anything else.
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Stephen Quinn
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Agreed: Petrucci, Buckethead, Romeo. But all 3 are amazing and accomplished players.
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I think I have to put Petrucci as number 1. But Henrik, I know what you mean about Buckethead. I think he is most creative.
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I'm sorry, I have a new number 1. Not only for what he did achieve, but also for what he would have achieved if he didn't get Lou Gehrig's disease:

JASON BECKER (played in the duo Cacophony when he was 16, got Lou Gehrig's disease when he was 19). There's also a video on Youtube of him playing Yngwie Malmsteens' Black Star in his high school talent show. I think he was only 17!
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The questions appears more a matter of who is the most skilled shredder.

There is an unbelievable world of guitarists out there. Not that I don't love the guitarists mentioned here but there is a much wider array of skill too.

Just sayin'
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lol I'm joking. Very true. I would put Eric Johnson up there too and I wouldn't consider him a "shredder" by any means. Although he can play very fast.
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