orange micro terror

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(sorry I tried to add an image but I can't seem to figure out how to do it)

Price -
- I paid £99 at my local music shop

Pros -
-For a tiny little amp this thing has a lot of tone.
-It has a valve pre-amp which helps give it a nice warm sound.
-Very responsive to how hard or soft you pick the strings.
-Very light and compact to take to band practices.
-Plenty of volume and will easily keep up with a live drummer.
-Nice range of tones available from the amp
-Cd input/output
-Headphone jack socket

Cons -
-There is no carry case to buy for this so be careful when taking it to rehearsals.
-I personally do not like the power lead that comes with this amp but these are just minor gripes

Review -
-I have been using this as my main amp for in the house and band practices for the last month or more now and this little amp has really impressed me. When I first saw it I thought it was a novelty bit of kit but it really is not, it's a serious amp and kicks out some serious tone. I have it running into my fender 4x12 speaker cab and at band practices I have never had to turn it up over 7 on the volume. My Laney amp is now gathering dust since I bought the Orange Micro Terror

Summary -
-For £99 you can't get this much amp anywhere else, check it out it may surprise you....
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just bought this amp. I agree the look of this head is very deceiving. It packs a serious punch. i have a hard time finding clean tones out of it that i like. great for classic rock. i have it hooked up to my extension cabinet.
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I found you could get a really nice clean tone by rolling back the volume a little on the guitar, it's very responsive to how hard you pick the strings but I also agree it is mainly suited to rock tones at a loud volume but it does have a really nice clean tone at lower volumes
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I saw one of these at the music store last week - didn't have time to check it out but I sure will next I'm in there. Thanks for the posts :)
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