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08/20/2013 6:57 pm
Originally Posted by: ChrisserHow about a link to the actual course? WHERE IS IT!? :D[/QUOTE]
Here it is :cool:
[QUOTE=JJ90]Fully agree. Andy Gurley and some other instructors had amazing riffs. I loved Andy's lessons especially. Would be sad if no one could access them after this. No disrespect for Anders, I love his lessons and teachingsstyle!

Indeed. The old Rock Course had some awesome riffs that might as well have been taken right out of actual songs. I just feel Anders appears more natural and outgoing when it comes to teaching guitar than Andy. It's almost like he's got a special talent for explaining things in as little words as possible, while not leaving any details out. Andy, on the other hand, went straight onto something completely new (if you go there straight from the Fundamentals). I had to watch the first few lessons on Power Chords multiple times before understanding how to use them. Anders starts with something everyone who's completed the Fundamentals course, and then introduces Power Chords.

Don't get me wrong. They're both great guitarists and teachers. I just think Anders' style fits me a bit better.
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