Blues level 2, who did it? And did you improve your playing?

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Hi all,

I have been a GT subscriber for about one year, so far I only trained myself trying to learn new songs from the list we have here, and actually I have to say I learned many new things and improved a lot.
However I never had the discipline to follow the GT fondamentals, so I decided to start to follow the Blues level 2 and see where it will take me. I was wondering if any of you could tell me how it is, I mean I am just curious to hear from people who went through all of it.. did it give you a big improvment in your playing?

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Hey Dave,
I've been playing guitar for many years but finally decided to take some lessons to get better. Came accross GT and took the Core Lessons. Fundamentals (skipped the really elementary stuff) and went through all Blues Level 1 and am presently in the middle of Level 2. Anders is an excellent instructor and has the correct attitude about blues playin and guitar playing in general. I think you'll get alot out of goin through both levels. Also, Anders is great about feedback too.
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I purchased the 12 CD Learning System but non of the CD'a appear to work properly. I tried these CD's in 3 diffrent laptops with the same result. I called Guitar Tricks twice and sent a message but yet to receive any response. Is there a trick to getting these things to work?
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hi Brain,

glad to hear from someone who is working on the blues as well, it seems like nobody here went through the core learning system. So you you're saying is it making you improve a lot?
I started the level 2 about one month ago and I m still on the chapter one, it seems at the begining there is a lot of work of licks with backingtracks and improvisation..

Reo, I am sorry I have no idea what the problem is since I don't use the CD, I am subscriber and only use the internet lessons, hope you can fix the problem.

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I did everything in the core learning system. I started with the fundementals even if I had been playing for a couple of years (self thaught). I learned a lot in the fundementals. I suggest you do them too. It will fill the gaps and hole.

The best way to learn is slowly. Trying to go to quick will only make you forget what you learned (i know from experience). A strong fundation will make you a better player and you will learn more easely.

The blues curriculum is to my opinion the strongest element here on guitar tricks. Again, starting with level 1 (even if its easy at first) will help to fill the gaps and hole. The blues curriculum helped me a lot with my improvisation, thanks to the incredible videos that Anders made on how to improvise and build your own licks.

I think that the country and the rock sessions are good but not as strong as the blues one.

Take your time and have fun :)
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I too ahve ordered the "Blues System" and am having alot problems playing the discs - there is no sound when I open them with the integral program, and when I try to use Windows Media Player I cannot get most of them to work. Any others having this problem?
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I could play a song but i didnt have the fundemental structures needed to know why i did this i took fundementals 1&2 rock 1&2 snd blues 1&2 i understand music much better and can improvise smoother every lesson will increase something I ALSO noticed my memory from learning music has increased 100% i memorized my card number after writing it down 1time musics helping my brain i can memorize after writing down 1 time
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All right, thanks a lot,

now I am doing my schedule 2 hours/day, one hour for the blues core system and one hour practicing on songs
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i have been playing for years but i still started with the core learning system,i never took lessons so even if i can play fairly well there was a great deal i didn't know or thought i knew but was wrong :( went threw part 1&2 of the blues section and still going back to part 2 to cover things i had problems with i won't say it improved my playing a great deal but it greatly improved my understanding which in the long run will make me a better guitarist so i'd say it's well worth doing.
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To Reo1,

Are you still waiting on a response from customer service? We would be glad to help you at [email][/email]

To JAClifton,

Are you still having problems with the Disc? Please let us know.
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