Hi from Ireland

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Hi everyone, just signed up for guitar tricks today and I'm really enjoying it. I've never been much of a player, just a few licks and a bit of blues but I really want to get grounded in guitar playing right from the basics, learning chord construction, scales etc. Really looking forward to getting stuck in !
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Welcome to the site! Lisa McCormick has a lot of cool Irish stuff here :)
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Welcome, and as you're from Ireland let's not forget that's the country that gave us Rory Gallagher, and you did say you're playing a bit of the blues...
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Yeah, Rory and the late Gary Moore also. Got to see Gary playing a couple of times in Dublin over the years, he was a magnificent guitarist, from rock to fusion style jazz and of course the blues, it's such a shame he's gone, he was a one off.
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Welcome to guitartricks wingscale7.
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Welcome, Wing-from-Ireland!

(I've visited twice and loved it!)

So glad you're here.
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Been To Ireland Three Times Myself, 05,08 And 011. Great People And Cannot Wait To Go Back. Lisa, Been Working On A Couple Of Your Irish Lessons, Love Them.
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