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I have been hacking around on my guitar off and on since i was 12. For all the years i have had guitars around, it is amazing that i really do not know how to play any songs really. I went to an instructor a few years ago to try and make some progress and it helped in a few areas. It cost some serious money though (over $200 a month) and i did not think the return was that terrific after awhile. Then i stumbled across It was a great site I thought and started using that. Then i stumbled across GuitarTricks and found even more great stuff here. I now have a subscription to both sites and have committed to both for the next year to see how much progress i can make. I really like the fact that i can access all these great instructors in different styles. The last few days for example, i found the Keith Richards style section in open G tuning. I have been playing around with that for the last couple of days and it is really cool. I never understood open G tuning or how to use it. The instructor on that is great. Now i can see how the Stones get that sound they have. Wish we had some songs here based on this style. Looking forward to learning more here. I now subscribe to both sites finding that they both have different things to offer. Heck, you can subscribe to both sites for about $250/year which is about what i was paying per month for guitar lessons with one instructor. This is a tremendous value! We will see if i can make myself a better player in one year.
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Rock on RonnieK....welcome to guitartricks.
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Hi Ron, welcome! I think every player should go through the experience of learning with a real person, but on the other hand it's amazing how much you can learn with sites like this one! I'm just a forum visitor so far and just checked a few free lessons and I can tell already the great value that lies in here. Hopefully I'll be joining next year if I can commit like you did to make the most out of it. I consider myself an experience player but I still think it would be worth it. Keep rocking that axe!
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