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We could use a forum box for requests..
With a disclaimer and explaination of how licensing works. Time and again someone has to explain to newbies about the licensing procedure..
What brought this to mind is the resent mention of Beatles tunes..
Here is an example of what maybe involved in procuring a licence..

I'm would guess most cases are not this deep, but many would involve artist, composer, producers and not to mention legal situations like the Beatles..
Just my thoughts..
Happy guitar day..
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Neal Walter
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Hi Gordon,

Subscribers seem to be using "Lesson Q&A" for requests:

As you probably read, we can't guarantee any requests because of the licensing process you mentioned.

It's a complicated process and we had to hire lawyers to do it for us. I don't even know all that's involved but I know it's costs a lot and takes a while :) But we've made some great headway and procured some awesome songs in the process.

That being said we're working on getting the best songs we can to our subscribers and we'll try to answer as many requests as possible.
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Hi Neal,
Thanks for your reply..
First a big thanks for all the instructor and the background people for a great site.
I should have suggested setting up a box in the Red Banner at the top of the site for request. Maybe it would contain a statement about the licensing procedure.. Also a notice for people coming into the site from a link that told them they could learn a particular song that you are not licenced for..
I notice that SebastBerg also made a similar suggestion yesterday

Originally Posted by: SebastBergWhats up everyone.

I have a suggestion for the site.

I actually have no idea how you could add that info but you guys definetly need to show somewhere when people register that the songs have to go threw the legal stuff and everything before you guys can teach it.

There's so many post of people asking for songs (especially newly joined people...wich is completly normal since they dont know yet) , it would save the trouble of always answering the same thing.
Not that it bothers me really but it could be practical and time saving.

Keep on bluesing !

Have a great day...
Thanks again
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Jon Broderick
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Done today. Thanks for the suggestion.
Jon Broderick
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Thanks Jon and the staff..
I hope it make requesting a song or artist work a little easier..
I'm always glad to contribute what I can, though most is not about guitars or music.
I love Guitar Tricks and spend more time reading forum or just listening to insructors and the "Listening Post".
Thanks again..
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