Warped Tour dissapointment

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I looked at the list for Warped Tour but I dont recognize too many bands and the others ones 0.0... well Im not about to rag on them. It seems like one specific genre of music is taking over.
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Neal Walter
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I just took a look too. Funny, I only recognize "Unwritten Law".
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Dan Acheron
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Yeah I did not recognize really any of those bands either besides unwritten law.
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VIVA 80's Heavy Metal! :cool:
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I've heard of a few..

An old co-worker of mine was really into Dance Gavin Dance and my girlfriend likes The Ready Set. Not my cup of tea, but I at least have heard of them.

Simple Plan, too. They had a pretty big hit with "Perfect" like 8 or 9 years ago.
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Only bands I recognized were Unwritten Law and The Aggrolites, but only for the name. Never listened to them.
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