cable for electric guitar, please an advice

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Hi there,

i have a question about the issue of the cable that connects the guitar to the amplifier, if anybody can help..
I heard that depending on if such cable is good or not the sounds of the electric guitar can change a lot, is that true? I just got a fender stratocaster and a vox vt30 as amplifier, but my cable is a short and a very cheap one. Would you suggest me to buy a better one?
Please let me know and thanks for helping
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Cables will affect your tone. More so over long distances than short ones. Most of us couldn't tell the difference, though. If you can find cable made from mogami, those are supposed to be best, but can cost you a lot of $$.

Planet Waves has some good quality cables at reasonable prices. And I'm thinking... until you can answer your question for yourself, I would not bother spending more than $20 or $30 'cause you won't hear the difference anyway. :) ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.
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I've never noticed any difference in tone amongst the cables I've used.

However, some of the cheap cables out there can develop mechanical problems rather quickly. I've had some start making crackling noises when moved around because of poorly made plugs or bad solder joints. I personally prefer cables using decent plugs such as Switchcraft and good cabling.
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1) try to keep it as short as possible
2) go to guitar center and try few, try very long and very short
3) I always buy those with lifetime warranty, they go bad you just replace them
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I always get planet waves mate.
Get one with a warranty and at all costs avoid ones with moulded connectors. - One to one and Skype lessons
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I have believed for years that for all audio visual equipment interconnects are a very significant part of any setup.

It is all about getting the signal from one component to another with the least possible degradation of the signal.

I have been lucky enough to own some very good hifi (Naim) and had some exremely helpful people from the store I deal with. They loaned me various cables in different price ranges and there was a noticable difference in quality between the cheaper and dearer items.

So, there is no reason why this should not appy to guitar equipment not only between the guitar and amp but also between stomp boxes and any other items.

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