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Joined: 08/22/00
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02/23/2002 2:47 pm
ed: israel didnt destroy a single palestinian school since the beginning of the intifada how can you say that we are destroying their education system???
we are not killing suspected people we are killing terrorist
its not like Zahal is picking innocent man telling the media he is a terrorirst and killing him, all the people that were killed during those assasinations were known terrorists.
You have more efficient ways to fight with palestinian or any other terror? well we dont.. 3 or 4 years ago my family voted for merez on the elections which is a radical left party, today im in the right condition to join the "kach" movement which is very anti palestinian right organization that is against the law..
Somehow around 70% of the people here got the feeling during the last year that the palestinians simply not interested in peace, and when theres war there IS war and in war innocent people are duying.
People like you want israel not to react when theres a suicide bomber who explodes in the middle of our cities. So what do you want us to do? we have tried to negotiate with the palestinians but we all know what happened.
I was supposed to perform tommorow, in Tel aviv. it was supposed to be something that would be shown on tv and everything. the concert was cancelled.. guess why?

Open your eyes... there are people who cant accept peace as posiblity. i cant change them neither can you.
ouh and by the way you asked how many muslims i meet on a day basis ? the answer is about 10.. so i know what im talking about

You think that palestinian suffer more than we do because more of the are dying right?
dont forget that that is only due to the fact that we have good army. and theres no reason for us not to use the whole power (which for some reasons is not used) of our troops to defend ourselves.
and by the way can you explain to me why if israel is so bad and wants to occupy the palestinian land till end of time israel was the only country ever to give citizenship to the palestinian refugees inside its border in 1948?
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