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So, what happens if you mismatch the speaker impedance (ohms) and amp output?

What happens if you run 4 ohm into 16? Or 16 into 4?

Is it possible to check the "ohmage" of speakers and or amp with a meter somehow?

[Edit:] Ok, answered my last question myself after work. Reason I am asking these questions is I picked up a 4x12 cab from a guy and wanted to check it out. I measured the cab and got a match with my amp output, so I hooked it up last night. All I can say is Big Sound! :)

Still curious what all might happen with a mismatch (either direction) and why, though.

[Edit:] Ok found that out, too. Man, this forum is really payin' off :D ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.
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