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02/24/2010 12:33 pm
Originally Posted by: electric circusyou dont find learning fun, knowing that what your playing makes musical sense?
wouldnt walking up on stage at open mic night and blending in be fun to you?
i guess its just me. knowing what your doing and why it does or doesnt work
is very important. knowing what your doing is very important, if you dont, it will be picked apart by those that do.
there is a big difference between a guitar player and a musician.
walk into any guitar store and you will see guitar players everywhere, all day every day. see how long you set there until you find a musician.

the guitar player knows his licks and chops, even knows a list of songs
that can get him through a couple of sets no problem.
he knows his basic maj and min chords as well as a few scale and mode shapes, just enough to entertain the average listener.

the musician however knows his guitar and how music works.
he knows how to build chords and scales, how they relate, and when to use what. he walks on stage at open mic night and asks for the key and time sig
and the rest comes to him as he goes. the musician knows the form and structure of what hes playing.
the guitar player is usually pretty limited in the big picture,
the musician continues his education every opportunity he has.
with a organized practice plan you will be 10 fold the player or musician.
so ask yourself, are you giving your passion for the guitar 100% ?
are you squeezing every possible opportunity out of your practice time?
everytime you pick up your axe for a hour are you learning something new?
im not talking about a song or a run, im talking about musical knowledge.

You are clearly proud of yourself and consider yourself a fine musician. I don't care much for the implications you make here, but I'm glad it's working out for ya. Rock on. ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.