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electric circus
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electric circus
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02/23/2010 11:45 pm
ok guys heres the deal.
you have to organize your practice time.
its a must. to get the most out of your time you gotta organize.
lets break down a hour.
15 minutes running 1 maj and 1 min scale to 12th fret and back.
this warms up the hands and fingers and gets the mind ready to focus
on the lesson for the day or the practice.
15 minutes on chords. run through a few progressions smoothy and
15 minutes running scales and modes.
15 minutes towards whatever book you working or if something off this site is
what your doing then work on that. work on theory if you want to.

there, thats a good solid plan for practice.
its organized and easy to keep on track.
ok so now your on day two.

15 minutes running 1 maj and 1 minor scale to the 12th fret.
pick the same 2 as before until you can run them smoothly and cleanly.
say the notes as you go, it helps. then when you have gotten pretty
comfortable, change the scales to 2 new ones, again saying the notes as
you go. or, you can use the same 2 as before, but different fingerings.
15 minutes on chords. again run through a few progressions that you might
already know. this time, try to learn 2 or 3 new ones.
maybe try some jazz chords or classical. learn the notes of each chord,
maybe learn them in different positions.
15 minutes towards your book or website learning.

this is just an idea on how to use your time wisely and get the most of your time. set a game plan and stick to it.
only move on and change to different chords, scales, and modes when your comfortable with what youve been doing.
every 3rd day cut everything back to 10 minutes. in doing so you get
20 minutes to jam out doing what ya want.
discipline yourself, earn that 20 minutes of jam time.
it will feel good when you get it. now dont confuse play time with study
time. they are two different things. it sometimes takes self control and focus
to not run one into another.
another 80s metal fan.