Download Sheet Music (Finally!)

Anders Mouridsen
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Hey everyone,

If you ever need sheet music/guitartabs I recommend

There are plenty of free tab sources on the net, but here you can get the official transcriptions with both music and tablature.

You download a free plug-in called Sibelius Schorch on the site, and that let's you preview and download sheet music. The songs cost about a dollar each, so you no longer have to go on Amazon and buy a whole book of this artist's songs just to get a particular song. Or struggle with some homemade, hard to read, very often poorly transcribed version from a free tab site.

Spend the dollar and save your energy for the practice!

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Hey, thanks Anders.

This looks like a great site! Now, if they come up with a site that shows you not go get some of their tones as well. :p
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