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i think we are well on the verge of a band that will be as korn.
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Buckethead is great too. Kinda like the same mask stuff...Buckethead says that he is half chicken and half man...he says that he was raised in a chicken coop...he wears an KFC bucket and a white mask...he plays really fast...he is a fanatic disneyland fan and he likes japanese cartoons...he has played or plays in deli creeps, giant robot 1&2, praxis, octave of the holy innocents and he plays solo too. He tours with Primus. Check buckethead out:
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I have to say something about Buckethead I've been listening to him and watching him for a long time and i have to say I'm happy he signed with Guns and Roses now he'll be known to everyone i just hope they don't unmask Buckethead. Oh yeah one more thing his comic strips kick a$$.
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Buckethead is really good, I have spent a bit of time on his stuff, and man he is out there! wicked though
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