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Kevin Taylor
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 03/05/00
Posts: 4,722
Kevin Taylor
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 03/05/00
Posts: 4,722
02/18/2006 4:13 am
I'm all for debates on any subject that anybody wants to discuss.
The hassle that usually happens is when you guys start breaking the forum rules.
For instance... there's no problem at all in discussing stuff like religion, hate subjects in general like the recent cartoon wars, arguments about sex or religion etc....
The problem that happens is when you break the forum rules. (general usenet rules)
We don't want to censor anybody's opinion and don't want to interfere in anybody's way of thinking.
The problems are going to start when you start doing things like personally attacking somebody, using obscene language, or being totally obectionable...
If you have an opinion on a subject... no matter what it is... there's a way to go about doing it without breaking forum rules.
There's a an intelligent way to put your argument across without personally attacking somebody or using bad language.
For instance... "you suck.... " or "you're an asshole" or anything similar to that type of attitude is going to get you banned.
However if you phrase it as "I don't agree with your reasoning"... and then state your opinion... you'll be fine as far as the forum rules are concerned.

I guess the message here is, don't push our buttons.... state your opinion in an intelligent way and make your argument based on the facts and not a personal attack against somebody you don't agree with, and you'll be fine.
However, if you start being argumentative and attacking somebody else based on their opinions... or if you start using bad language that keeps setting off the language filter.... you're going to get banned.

Like I've said before.... there's dozens of moderators who work for us who regularly scan these forums for content. We have an administrators forum of our own where we discuss certain members and the way they're acting..
If it gets to the point where somebody is pissing us off, then you're going to get banned. And I don't just mean that your user name is going to be banned... it's any IP address you've ever used to access this site...and any suspicion we have that you're signing up under an alias.

If you break the rules consistently, and post messages that are blatantly racist, sexist or just generally against most usenet rules, we will also file an abuse complaint with your ISP. This is when things get serious.
You'll not only get banned from Guitartricks, but banned from the internet entirely.