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Posted June 9, 2022

2022: The State of the Music Retail Industry Today

2022: The State of the Music Retail Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic affected most businesses and retail outlets in a negative fashion. However one of the few industries that saw growth was music instrument builders and lesson-oriented websites such as online guitar lessons. Despite live music disappearing there was an incredible push in music retail sales that led to 8.9 billion in growth!  But as of 2022 the pandemic music sales boom has been in decline.

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Posted March 14, 2022

A Beginners Guide to Pedalboards Pt. 1: Choosing Your Pedals

Beginners Guide to Pedalboards

Everyone learns in their own way. Some don’t want to be told how to go about certain things and leave lessons learned in exploration and experimentation (myself included). Others may want to skip the long hours filled with headaches due to an overabundance of coffee and trust in what they already know and are comfortable using. With this guideline, I hope to convey a sense of where one might begin when piecing together their sonic arsenal in the form of the ever so popular and no longer elusive pedalboard.

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Posted January 31, 2022

5 Jimi Hendrix Guitar Techniques

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Techniques

The playing style of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix has been analyzed quite a bit over the years, and as a result, there's a huge list of things you can do to replicate his distinctive guitar playing. However, you should always start with the following 5 core concepts that are absolutely fundamental to his playing.

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Posted December 20, 2021

Last-Minute Guitar Stocking Stuffers

Last-Minute Guitar Stocking Stuffers

We've all been there: The clock is running out and you still haven't gotten that little something for everyone on your list.

This year, skip the socks and scratch-offs and hook-up the guitarist in your life with a gift they'll appreciate and actually use. We've compiled a quick list of stocking stuffers that should be available at the last-minute and will be a welcome addition to any guitar player's gear collection.

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Posted April 23, 2021

Win an Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini!

Ibanez Tube Screamer Giveaway

Guitar Tricks instructor Gary Heimbauer recently reviewed the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini overdrive pedal on our YouTube channel. He liked it so much, that we decided to give one away!

Enter for your chance to win.

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