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3 Minor Chord Progressions and How to Find Them

minor chord progressions

Minor chord progressions are very similar to major chord progressions but of course, we’re looking at the minor scale! It’s important to know how to find chords within a minor scale so that you have a number of options when it comes time to create your own song or if you simply want to know how your favorite hits have come together. 

How to Find Chords in a Minor Key

In order to find the chords within a minor guitar scale, we’ll use the concept of Roman numerals and how they determine which chord is a major or minor in the relevant key, just as we did when we talked about major chord progressions. The formula for finding chords in a minor key looks like this:

i - ii(dim) - III - iv - V - VI - VII 

The lowercase numerals indicates a minor chord, while the capitalized numerals are major chords. As you can see, the second chord within this formula is a diminished chord. 

Let’s take this formula and apply it to the key of A. Remember the A minor scale is made up of these notes:

A - B - C - D - E - F - G 

Since we know that these are the notes of the A minor scale, we can take these notes and plug them into the chord tones.

Am - Bdim - C - Dm - E - F - G 

Now that we know how to find chords in a minor key, let’s take a look at some really common minor chord progressions.


3 Common Minor Chord Progressions 

These minor chord progression is not only popular for major progressions, but can also be used for minor work as well. 

Here are some examples of this chord progression in different keys. 


i - iv - V 

A minor: Am - Dm - E

F minor: Fm - Bbm - C 

D minor: Dm - Gm - A 


i - VI - VII

D minor: Dm -  Bb - C 

G minor: Gm - Eb - F

B minor: Bm - G - A 


i - VI - III - VII 

C minor: Cm -  A - E - B

E minor: Em - C - G - D

A minor: Am - F - C - G

Give these minor chord progressions a try and see what you can come up with. Feel free to play around with them and have fun! 

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